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Cycle to Work

Scheme’s supported by The Road Room

Halfords Cycle 2 Work
Cycle Plus
Salary Exchange

Private company schemes – If your company operates their own in house scheme, please contact us and we can liase directly with them.


How do I get a Tax Free Bike through Cycle to Work?

  1. Your employer needs to be signed up and registered to one of the many schemes. If your employer is not signed up, or you are not sure, please speak to your manager or HR department, and direct them to one of the links at the bottom of this page.
  2. Visit one of our Road Room stores and we’ll take the time to talk about which bike and equipment are best for you. We’ll then provide you with a written quotation.
  3.  Apply for your certificate online using the relevant Cycle to Work Company. Your employer will usually ask you to sign a hire agreement at this time.
  4.  Once approved the voucher will either be issued directly to you or your employer, whichever was requested. This can take from 1 to 3 weeks typically.
  5. The certificate is then redeemed at The Road Room for the bike and any safety equipment or accessories you have chosen. Salary Sacrifice then commences over the hire period.

What happens next?

At the end of the 12 month hire period your company will offer you a choice of either extending the agreement or to opt out of the scheme. Most people choose to extend the agreement for another 12 or 24 months where a one off payment is made to continue the hire agreement (normally around 7% of the original value of the voucher pre-discount). If you decide to opt out of the scheme after 12 months you can transfer ownership from the employer to yourself for a one off payment (normally 25% dependant on value). Alternatively you can decide that you don’t want to keep the bike and let your employer keep the bike. The most common option is the 24 month extension which gives you the most cost effective way of owning the bike.

What are the savings?

Typical savings for employees are between 32% for basic rate taxpayers and 42% for high rate taxpayers, but the actual amount depends on the employee’s personal tax band and the way the employer runs their scheme. If the employer uses external finance (i.e. borrows the money to buy the bikes from an outside agent) then savings will be approximately 5% lower.
Employers can typically save 13.8% of the total value of salary sacrifice, due to reductions in Employers’ National Insurance Contributions (NICs) due.