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We don’t just sell bikes at The Road Room, we have an extensive range of Clothing, Accessories, Wheels, Spare parts and Upgrades available too. We believe in everything we sell, all the bikes our specialists ride are fitted with the same kit you find in store, there is no better recommendation than personal experience.  So if you are looking to add something new and shiny to your bike, or are looking to replace a worn out part, visit The Road Room.

Bars and Stems

bars-stemsContact points and comfort should be high on the list of priorities for any aspiring cyclist. Small subtle changes such as width and length of bars or stems can dramatically improve the performance and ability of any cyclist and even reduce the weight of the bike. The Road Room keeps a large selection of stock and upgrades to fit to your bike.

Computer and GPS

computer-gpsRecording all your valuable data whether for serious training or just personal interest is a good way to help monitor your goals and achievements. The ability to use full GPS mapping wherever you go in the world can add to the enjoyment and safety of your riding.


lightsBe safe and be seen. We offer a huge selection of lights from basic ‘visibility’ lights, to full performance set-ups and everything in between. It’s important to have the most suitable lighting not just for winter riding, but for safety at all times including the summer too.


nutritionOften overlooked by many cyclists, nutrition before, during and after riding is one of the most important and beneficial things for all cyclists regardless of the level you ride at. Speak to The Road Room specialists for advice on the products we sell based on personal experience and informed nutritional knowledge.


pedalsChoosing the correct pedal system is always a difficult balance of comfort, usability and performance. Our advice is to speak to a Road Room specialist who will advise you on the pros and cons of each system, taking into account riding style and shoe compatibility.

Power Meters

power-metersMore and more people are turning to Power Meters for the complete training package, or simply out of curiosity to see how they are riding. The ever increasing selection can be somewhat confusing, talk to us at The Road Room and we’ll ensure you make the right choice.


pumpsEssential to maintain both the performance and safety of your tyres, regular pre-ride checks should always involve a pump. We recommend you carry a mini pumps or an air cartridge system at all times.


saddlesYour major contact point with the bike can often be the hardest one to get right. At The Road Room we understand the need for a comfortable saddle and as such we keep a good variety in stock with Custom fitting options and a number of Demo saddles, we’ll get you sitting comfortably.


sparesWe keep a vast range of spare parts from cables and bearings, to derailleurs, brakes and gear hangers. The chances are if you’ve broken it, The Road Room will have it in stock ready to get you back on the road.

Static Trainers

static-trainersWhether you are looking for a dry alternative to keep your fitness up over the wet winter months, or a tool to maximise your training and power output, The Road Room has a ‘turbo’ trainer for you. With expert knowledge coming from personal experience, we can help you make the right choice.


tyresTyres are a critical component on any bicycle being your contact point with the road. With constantly evolving technology such as ‘Tubeless clincher’ tyres and Winter and Summer options, it’s important to consider which option best suits your use and environment.


wheelsUpgrading your wheel set is one of the best ways to improve both the performance and looks of your bike. Many factors have to be considered such as weight, durability, aerodynamics and groupset compatibility. We keep an extensive range of wheels at The Road Room, along with demo models so you can try before you buy.


Clothing Accessories


clothingGood quality cycle clothing means you are ready to ride whatever the weather throws at you. At The Road Room we have an extensive range of ladies and men’s cycling kit from the top Brands.


helmetWhilst being absolutely essential and worn without question there are many choices available that combine performance with safety. It’s important to be comfortable whilst looking good out on the road.


shoesCritical to the power transfer between you and machine road shoes need to be both stiff and comfortable to provide support as well as great performance to improve your cycling.